So I have this blog here……

I never have made much use of this blog but I figure why not write something that has been on my mind the last…. Oh, day or so.

See I swore off shooting models found on websites like OMP and Model Mayhem because frankly I’ve had more bad experiences than good. The main problem I run in to is models demanding to bring an escort for their “safety and comfort.” I look at that, and think to myself, I’m going to go shoot pictures of someone – They’re going to have a “bodyguard” that I don’t know. Is that person armed? I’m there with anywhere from $5,000 to upwards of $20,000 or MORE of camera equipment. All that needs to happen is one good whack on the back of my head and I’m robbed or worse. So what about my “safety and comfort.” Do I need to bring my handgun and demand the “escort” stays within my line of sight? How stupid is that? What if I brought an “escort” for my “safety and comfort? Then what we have is a good ol fashioned cluster’muck and that’s just not gonna happen. Agency models? I’ve found them to be VERY professional and down to earth without fear of their own shadows. Unfortunately, unless I’m being paid for a job, they can be cost prohibitive.

So, I’ve started looking into maybe doing a shoot with someone again and once again I’ve started looking at online modeling sites. One thing I’ve noticed that is just really stuck with me is, does anyone smile anymore? I understand the whole “come hither” sultry and sexy look but DAMN sometimes a smile WORKS folks! Non forced, bright, SMILE.

Just my two cents on that subject.