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Wedding Photography
I offer a no frills package that is all inclusive in one price. Most photographers I have found have very restrictive usage policies with their wedding packages. Not me! Your wedding is your day, and your memories. I do my level best to take the best pictures as my eye, and my equipment allow. For a flat fee of $500 you will get a DVD with every clear picture taken and an “Irrevocable Usage Agreement.” What this means is I do not provide any kind of after event printing, books, framing, etc. . I sign release allowing you to do whatever you like with the photos I give you. I firmly believe that wedding pictures should never be for a photographer to try and control. These are YOUR pictures. Take the photos I provide you and shop around

Also, understand, this is a NO FRILLS PACKAGE. I am a single shooter, and do not have partners. I do my level best to be in as many places as possible to do the best job possible. I may miss some shots but I’ll give you my absolute best effort. I also retain the right to wear what is comfortable to me as a photographer. I will not be in shorts and flip flops but I also cannot guarantee I will be in a suit. My “Wearable” camera bag is a coyote brown vest that I carry all my gear and both cameras I use on such jobs. I understand brides can be particular but also want brides and families to understand that I do not charge thousands of dollars and provide pretty darn good shots for a fraction of what career wedding photographers. There will be written agreements signed before I will agree to do your wedding.

Bottom line – I will give you the absolute best effort I can give. My gear is top of the line and my experience level is there.