I am proud to be able to offer some of the most affordable photography services in all of the Carolinas. I have been around the world and photographed some of the most unique places on this planet of ours.

Some highlights of the services I offer are as follows:

*NEW* as of May 13, 2014 *NEW*
Special Project Photography Services – For Federal Government Contracting I provide a broad range of services that meets many mission requirements including some video services. Contact me for more information.


Model Portfolio Building

Want sunset beach shots? Want bikini shots? Boudoir? I bring my equipment to the agreed location and provide my services at a very fair rate. For up to 4 hours, I charge an all-inclusive fee of $225. For 4-8 hours I charge $475.  My usage terms are again much more favorable than most photographers. I ask that you not change any edited pictures you receive from me nor do you try and profit from the pictures without giving me a credit for the photos.

Promotional-Real Estate

Need pictures of a house or property you’re trying to sell? Need t maximize what you capture in the pictures? Want someone to really pop the colors and detail in your pictures? I can do it all. For as little as $20 per hour.

Location Scouting

I have been hired to scout locations for video and film productions including Gary Sanchez productions co-owned by Will Ferrell.. You will receive full 360 degree views of a desired location as well as any particular shots desired. Contact me for information and pricing.

Video Production

I am now branching out into video production on a limited basis. Contact me for any questions or job requests.

Family portraits? Anything else not listed here? Contact me and tell me your idea. I do NOT shoot pornography or anything similar.

All packages are subject to a travel fee outside of 20 miles from Fayetteville, NC


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